8 WEEK COURSE- REDUCING STRESS & ANXIETY (developing a regular practice)

Next Course 16th August 6:00-8:30 pm at 2 Keen Ave Glenelg East

“Mindfulness/Meditation is NOT ABOUT stopping your thoughts, feelings or emotions”

As we become AWAKE to who we Already Are, we do not get or acquire Mindfulness, it is already within you. A resource that is available to each of us who are willing to find balance, to learn, grown and heal. Classical practices such as Buddhism and Yoga have helped to shape and inform current meditation and mindfulness practices today. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a scientifically informed approach that operates in harmony with any belief system you may have and is secular in its method. With over 3 decades of evidence-based research this 8 week course has been shared with over 22,000 people in the USA alone. Mindfulness is being adopted by workplaces, schools, clinics, communities all over the world.
For anyone who finds wishes to explore options to cope better with a busy lifestyle. Anyone who wishes to explore ways to bring peace and clarity to their life, who may have or have had anxiety, who may be feeling mentally and physically exhausted/depleted or depressed. For Yoga, Yoga Therapists, Pilates, PT Instructors, Teachers, wishing to understand more deeply how they can integrate and weave mindful practices into their teachings and their own daily lives. For Allied health professionals, Dr’s, Physiotherapists, Front-line Workers, psychologists, nurses, Corporate Managers, CEO’s, parents, teenagers.
What to expect in an 8-Week Course
This is a journey, a life experience meeting you where you are – right in the middle of your life. The opportunity to study your own thoughts, emotions and sensations, opening-up to present moment awareness. Providing a safe and supportive environment in which to cultivate a deeper connection, developing kindly awareness, curiosity and a non-striving attitude. Research has been shown that REAL CHANGE takes effect if a person adopts a regular formal and informal practice for 8 weeks and beyond.
“The only way to change our lives is to Change our Brains”
Early registration is recommended Full course cost Early Bird Rate paid by JULY 15th in full – $600

Full course cost after 15 th July– paid in full $690

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