8 sessions/weeks of personal exploration of Your Yoga and Your bodies anatomy

 Establishing the connection between theoretical anatomy and personal experience.

An 8-week journey towards understanding, in a theoretical and practical way, the why’s and how’s of yoga being unique to your body, having the skeletal system as our main focus.

During this course we will explore the structure of the body, unique to each one of us. We will journey together to realise and celebrate that we are all unlike anyone else… and so should be our yoga.

This course will provide you with a clearer understanding of how the body is built (bones), where certain limitations come from, or certain abilities arise in Your Bones how to use awareness of sensation as a guide throughout movement and what works and doesn’t work for you personally in your asana (postural) practice. Use this new gained insight to lead the way towards a more effective practice, inquisitive and explorative movement, unique to you.

Come and listen, observe, ask questions and play in a group setting of curious yogis! We all want to feel more comfortable when moving in our own bodies. Let’s learn from research and from each other to enrich our views of asana (posture) practice and let go of the illusion that the ‘perfect’ way of doing asanas doesn’t exist: there are as many different ways as there are individuals!

Week 1

  • What is skeletal variation?
  • Tension vs Compression
  • Toes and ankles
  • Practice

Week 2

  • The 14 skeletal segments as taught by Paul Grilley
  • Tibia and femur
  • Comparisons with group
  • Practice

Week 3

  • The different types of stress we apply to our tissues
  • Discomfort vs pain
  • Pelvis and lumbar spine
  • Comparisons with group
  • Practice

Week 4

  • The value of compression
  • Hypermobility and flexibility
  • Thoracic and cervical spine
  • Comparisons with group
  • Practice

Week 5

  • The fascia lines/sheets
  • Fingers, wrists, radius and ulna
  • Comparisons with group
  • Practice

Week 6

  • Yoga as a functional practice
  • Humerus and scapula (and the shoulder as a whole)
  • Comparisons with group
  • Practice

Week 7 

  • Moving with awareness
  • Revision of skeletal segments
  • Asana lab – the Yin way
  • Yin Practice

Week 8

  • The role of the nervous system
  • The ‘trying different ways’ approach
  • Questions
  • Practice (Yin/Yang) and guided relaxation


Your Facilitator – Ainhoa Fontana Barriola

Hi there!

I’m a teacher who is curious and committed to bringing a scientific informed perspective into the yoga community where I have the privilege to work, learn and teach. My aim is to provide an intelligent approach to the movement practice that is yoga, to offer tools and hold a creative and intuitive space where we can all learn to move within our own uniqueness.

I’ve had the pleasure to take part in several trainings including my foundational 200hrs training in vinyasa and hatha, 165hrs of yin yoga studies, online biomechanics foundations course, amongst others.

I stay permanently curious and engage in independent studies and research about interesting topics that concern the body and how we move.

Presently, I am grateful to teach general yoga classes in several locations across Adelaide. During this course I hope to ignite the sparkle of self-discovery in you, prompting you to ask questions about your own practice and together we will journey to enhance our own practice and knowledge of our bones and our yoga.

I hope you will join me! It will be enriching and fun!


  • This course will be held weekly at Synergy Yoga and Pilates
  • Starts from 18th of September
  • 2 Keen Ave Glenelg East from
  • 7-8:30pm for duration of 8 weeks.
  • Course investment – Earlybird $160.00 payment up until 30th of August thereafter $180 (or until sold out – Limited to 18 places)


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