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CLASSES ARE $15 per class. First Timers can purchase a $25 introductory class that runs for 8 consecutive days so you can try all 4 classes twice during this time! Great way to get a feel for our studio and vibe…

We currently offer 4 classes per week, 2 evening classes and 2 day classes, scroll down for timetable and class descriptions and costs……
Yoga Restore Mondays 6.15-7.15 pm
This class is all about the body and mind, long slow and deep, a full hour of mindful movement.  A Yin inspired class that blends mindfulness meditation, longer holds, deeper stretches and relaxation. Be prepared to un-wind and de-stress.
Dynamic Core Flow- Tues 6:00-6:45pm
This class is high impact and high intensity guaranteed to make you sweat. This is a Pilates flow infused class that targets who body and core. We use a range of props such as weights, resistance, Pilates tensgrity balls, rollers, leg and hand weights. Be prepared to work! Fun and funky tunes!
Yoga Re-energize Wed 10:00-11am 
Pure and simple this class will leave you feeling up-lifted and re-energised. A balanced class that provides breath, movement, mobility and flow.
Yoga Restore Thursday 9:30-10:30am. 
This class is all about the body and mind, long slow and deep, a full hour of mindful movement. A Yin inspired class that blends mindfulness meditation, longer holds, deeper stretches and relaxation. Be prepared to un-wind and de-stress.

Mindfulness and Meditation  – Visit me at for live zoom rooms, on demand video’s, yoga and courses MEDITATION.LIVE APP

Monique is also a qualified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) International Trainer, offering live meditations, private and corporate workshops and courses. 


Mindfulness is a spiritual or psychological faculty that according to the teachings of Buddha. Mindfulness invites us to become aware of the reality of things, the present moment, you may have heard is a focus of this reality, so that we may gain clarity over the nature of reality and our thoughts. Since before the time of Buddha man has been curious about our mind/body connection. So it continues, into the 21st century with Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity being a focus of many research based studies to better understand the workings of the mind. Research and science has been able to measure and prove that meditation and present moment awareness practices, have a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. If we are to re-learn how to connect to present moment experiences we are better able to increase the connection and workings of this part of our brain known as the pre-frontal cortex and its response. Living in a ‘fast’ paced world means we are constantly struggling with the “fight or flight” response that is inherently part of our brain system. This means our “response’ system goes offline and our “reactive” system in Online. Over time if there is less time for Rest and Digest we begin to feel as though we are constantly on edge or some may even begin to feel Anxious and restless, less able to cope, rushed, reactive and frankly just exhausted all the time?
Does this sound familiar?
This 8 week course has been designed by world experts such as Jon Kabat Zinn in line with Evidence Based Research and ancient old teachings to assist each of us to “live” more in the present. Cope with the busy-ness of our daily lives and practice with awareness. Research has shown that a minimum of 8 weeks of regular practice begins to change the way our brain wires and fires and the overall activity of our brain. This is quite remarkable. Hence, the 8 week course will assist you in bringing to light your own formal and informal practices to enhance life long skills and tools for stress reduction, health and well being.

I look forward to this very special journey with you.

Monique Leverington has spent last 4 years studying in Australia and Overseas to qualify as a mindfulness/meditation teacher. Enhancing her own daily practice and connection with mindfulness through yoga and meditation practices. Completing 200 hr International qualification that is endorsed by Yoga Alliance UK, Bangor University and University of Massachusesetts Medicine as Gold Standards. Monique also has a background in Behavioural Sciences, Mental health, Addictions, Cognitive Behavioural counselling and Adult Education. Qualifying in Social Sciences, Addictions and Health Promotion, as well as a Post Graduate degree in Adult Education.

This is a certified course, run over a 8 week duration. 2.5 hours per week with a 1 day silent retreat during week 7. Total of 27 hours contact time.
Each week we will discover a little more about ourselves, building on our understanding of mindfulness, mind, body and formal, informal practices. Workshops include didactic group work, meditations, gentle yoga movement, open forum discussions and exercises.
By the end of the course you will have covered and explored the following topics:
Session 1 – What is mindfulness
Session 2 – Gathering the scattered mind – senses
Session 3 – What is stress? – becoming aware of our patterns and habits
Session 4 – Coping with Stress – practicing Mindfulness and our responses
Session 5 – Mindfulness of Thoughts – where am I now? Thoughts are not facts
Session 6 – Mindfulness of Emotions – cultivating compassion
Session 7 – Cultivating Compassion – How can I best take care of myself
Session 8 – Creating a mindful life – One breath at a time

The course is offered each Thurs evening from 6-8:30 pm for 8 week duration – Session 7 we will also include a 1 day workshop/retreat (date to be advised) beginning August 16th 2018
You will be provided with a course manual, podcasts, weekly workshops and guidance, 1 day retreat which includes refreshments (you will need to bring your own lunch)

***Prerequisites – Introduction to Mindfulness for stress and anxiety” – With Monique
IMPORTANT – Mindfulness is not always suitable for everyone. Depending on the circumstances, if currently working with a mental health professional or Dr it is necessary to ensure you have a chat and gain clearance from your professional prior to attending the course. Please discuss with Monique prior to enrolling/registering if there are any concerns or clarifications.


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