Synergy Yoga and Pilates offers Corporate yoga and pilates as well as Mindfulness training.
Why not let us cater for your staff’s needs, yoga and mindfulness training can enhance you and your employee’s health and wellbeing, fitness and attitude. Monique has a background with over 17 years working as an Adult and youth educator in various setting such as TAFE SA and youth and community service settings. Monique is qualified in Social sciences with a degree in Health Promotion and Addictions. Qualified in counselling techniques that include Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. Monique also has also completed a Post Graduate degree in Adult Education. Monique has qualified as a 500 Hour Expert Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and has 1400 total hours in Teacher Training across various styles of Yoga and Pilates, Vinyasa, Yin, Yin and Yang Yang, Hatha, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapies, Thai Yoga Massage Level 1, Pilates and Mindfulness.


o One on One – 90 minute Weekly sessions (8 week program) $960 paid up front or $140 per session
o One on One – 90 Minute Yoga/Mindfulness led session $130 (designed for individual needs)
o Group sessions – 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program – $600 per person ($550 Earlybird)

o Corporate Group Sessions – Introduction to Mindfulness Based Interventions (3 hours) – POA
o Corporate Group Sessions – (4 Week) Reducing Stress in the Workplace and Beyond (10 hrs) – POA
o Corporate Group Sessions – (8 Week) Reducing Stress and Enhancing Workplace Relationships (20hrs) – POA
o Corporate Group Sessions – Weekly – Building Resilience – Healthy Bodies and Minds – 60 mins – POA
o Corporate Retreats – Combination of above, 1 -5 days – POA

Our Corporate Mindfulness Programs are specifically tailored to address needs of all VIP staff in the workplace. Monique Leverington applies evidence-based research and practices during workshops. Programs are achievable and effective, learning core skills that have been tested in a variety of settings and seen to reduce stress and enhance overall performance just after regular practice over 8 weeks and beyond. Providing education and insight for coping with an ever-changing work environment and workplace relationships in a supportive and engaging environment. Programs aim to increase well-being of body and mind so that staff build resilience for the workplace and beyond excelling in every area of their life.

Mindfulness Based Interventions, this program is known as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Provides participants will skills in meditation, both formal and informal practices that can be practiced anywhere anytime. Since its inception in 1979 over 24,000 people worldwide have been exposed to the 8-week MBSR programs in a variety of settings, workplaces, schools, community centres, hospitals, Corporate environments. The program developed by Jon Kabat Zinn and University of Medicine of Massachussetts, Jon Kabat Zinn is author of the popular and worldwide read “Full Catastrophe Living”, the focus of MBSR or Mindfulness Meditations is to be able to better face the challenges of everyday life.
The method of MBSR is based on scientific research, evidence-based practices that have been conducted over the past 35 years as mentioned previously in a variety of settings with many people. The basis of the methodology has also been adapted from Eastern philosophies, Yoga and Buddhist traditions and teachings. Adopting the psychologies of Eastern practices and the sciences of current day practices.

What has become evident after a range of medically and clinically tested trials is that there are obvious changes that do occur for people who begin to adopt mindfulness and stress reduction techniques. Research suggests that stress levels are lowered by ways of having better coping mechanisms in times of stress and fight or flight responses which affects the Automatic Nervous System when constantly operating on high alert. When applied MBSR helps to enhance a better sense of self and self-efficacy, allowing people to respond in a more resilient manner rather than in a reactive manner. This has been showing to improve communication responses as well as relationships both in work and outside of the workplace. Mindfulness practices also help us somatically, assisting our Para Sympathetic nervous system (PNS) to benefit from the Rest and Digest phase. During this phase, our executive functions associated with our Pre-Frontal-Cortex can have a greater effect. We may find clarity, planning and organisational skills, response rather than react (this is the flight of flight responsivity) becoming more focused on what we are doing. Our performance is also enhanced when we use the PFC. When active the (PNS) enhances our health in many ways, i.e., respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, nervous systems immensely. In short learning mindfulness & meditation techniques have amazing benefits for our overall health and wellbeing.
What is important to note is that MBSR is not a quick fix solution, the practices need to be applied throughout our daily lives without effort but more as a way of tuning in. Recognising applications are not a solution to work overload or exhaustion. More so these skills are useful in enabling people to become more self-aware, self-responsible for self-care and less reactive in a stressful situation.


The premise of these programs is to introduce the core mindful practices, scientific studies and findings (to give meaning and intent to adopting mindful awareness practice) that support evidence- based research to the staff in the workplace. This is believed to have benefits and outcomes that strengthen self-efficacy, resilience, self-care (through compassion) and self-responsibility. These workshops are practical, effective and supportive. There is NO FLUFF – we get straight to the point and provide REAL life skills that can be applied in day to day life, immersing fully in modern day knowledge, evidence-based results.
Studies have shown that mindfulness may also enhance collaborative work practices to promote supportive working environments to enforce best possible practice and outcomes for work teams participating in active and regular mindful practice.
What needs to be done prior to the course?
A basic wellness assessment form and pre-course questionnaire needs to be completed so that Monique can get to know participants prior to the course work, this is important particularly if there are any existing mental health issues or health issues that Monique needs to be aware of. All wellness questionnaires and registrations are kept in the strictest of confidence. As we begin to understand what level of knowledge of awareness participants may have in terms of practicing mindfulness, their understanding of how to reduce stress or implement techniques for wellbeing is also sought from the wellness questionnaires. If a participant is seeing a psychologist for trauma related events or if they are currently having concerns with their mental-health it is important that the participant speak with their health worker/Dr prior to ensure that the course is appropriate for them.

What is included with the course content?

• Course preparation and adaptation in terms of staff/ participants needs based on consultation with your organisation
• Podcasts that can be downloaded to use of meditations we have covered during the course
• Pre-Post questionnaires and consults if need be & Manual
• Tuition/Workshops and handouts facilitated by Monique Leverington from Synergy Yoga and Pilates

Course Cost = face to face and additional 2 hours pre/post assessment & podcasts
Course adaptation and pre/post assessments with participants, handout/booklets/podcasts, hours- Face to Face

What else can Synergy Yoga and Pilates Offer in terms of Well-being?

• One on One consults and assessments for ongoing mindfulness and yoga practices
• 1-day team building retreats based on MBSR practices
• Retreats for Corporate Management
• Yoga Therapies
• Pilates for building strength and core

Who has Synergy Yoga and Pilates worked with during the past 7 years?

• RAA – ongoing
• THE ALH Group
• Surf Life Saving Headquarters SA
• Molynycke
• The Advertiser of SA
• The Australian Wine Research Institute
• Holdfast Bay City Council
• Renewal SA
• Camden Community Care
• St Marys College
• Gary Smith Real Estate
• Glenelg East Kindergarten
• Breathe Festival
• The Sanctuary Yoga and Music Festival
• Rembrandt Court Aged Care

A little bit about your facilitator Monique Leverington

Monique Leverington has owned and operated Synergy Yoga and Pilates since 2012. Since then Monique has completed more than 1400 hours in Yoga/Pilates and Mindfulness Teacher Training. Taught over 3000 hours of yoga, Pilates, meditations during the past 7 years.
Monique is qualified in the following Undergraduate and Post Graduate studies:
• Bachelor of Social Sciences specialising in Health Promotions and Addictions (Golden Key Honors Award)
• Bachelor (post Graduate) in Adult Education.
• 1400 hours of study in Yoga/Pilates and Mindfulness.
• Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
• Diploma of Workplace Assessment

Monique is also trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapies) and Motivational Interviewing which are now included as part of the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies. Monique has worked as a counsellor, support worker, youth worker in a range of positions, NGO’s and Government positions. Monique then found her way to the Education system starting out as a part time contractor for TAFE and then employed for 13 years as a full – time employee overseeing 4 qualifications and over 260 students in Community Services.
After having her first child Monique decided to re-train in the movement industry having a personal interest in Yoga, Pilates and education. From there her interest and passion of the psychology of the mind was re-ignited and Monique has since delved into the studies of MBSR over the past 7 years. Monique has now completed her international qualification in MBSR teacher training 200 hours which enables her to facilitate the world re-known Gold Standard MBSR course. The MBSR 8-week curriculum which is offered around the world.

Bachelor Social Sciences – Health Promotion and Addictions (EDITH COWAN/ Post Graduate Adult Education (UNISA), 1400 Hrs Yoga/Mindfulness and Pilates training/ CERTIFICATE in COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPIES/ MBSR Facilitator

Please contact Monique Leverington directly for more details and programs that will meet the personal needs of your organisation and its staff. Each program is designed uniquely and individually
EMAIL  or CALL DIRECT +61 413164952




  • The Sanctuary Yoga and Music Festivals (hosted by Monique Leverington & Skye Lockwood – winner of the week Fringe Award)s
    LuluLemon Athletica Adelaide
    Breathe Adelaide
    ‘Get Active Initiative’ Holdfast Bay Council
    Bryan Kest – Power Yoga/ Leslie Kaminoff from Yoga Anatomy Net – Author of Yoga Anatomy

For a full program and details, pricing and assessment please call or email Monique EMAIL