Mindfulness and Meditation 

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Monique is an accredited meditation teacher and trainer. Qualified in Mindfulness (mindfulness based stress reduction). And, is certified to offer the world re-known  8 week MBSR course. This is recognized both nationally and internationally and endorsed by Jon Kabat Zinn.

Monique has completed a degree in Adult Education and Behavioural Sciences. And is a Yoga and Pilates Teacher .  So, during the past 7 years, Monique has managed and owned her Synergy Yoga and Pilates. And, during this time has hosted international and national teacher training courses. So now she also works for https://www.meditation.live/

Monique has completed more than 1400 hours in Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness classes. And has lead over 3500 hours of yoga/pilates and meditation classes. Monique is excited to invite you to join her  and other world leading instructors at meditation.live