Pass Options Price
Introductory Offer

  • Valid 8 consecutive days
  • Valid for all first time attendees only
Casual Classes $15.00
One on One Yoga/Pilates per hr/half hr $80 /45
Mindfulness one on one per hr $120
 Corporate sessions – POA
Special Events / Hens/ Birthdays/ 10 min – Max 20 $130 or hr (within 10 km radius of studio.
Workshops and events see our website for prices in posts





How do I book a class?
Click on the button above which will take you to our BOOKEO website that allows you to SIGN UP/BOOK IN for the very first time – You can choose to pay for a Drop in Casual visit $15 or purchase a Introductory Pass if you are NEW to Synergy. If you are coming back you may wish to purchase a pre paid 10 or 20 visit pass (be sure to scroll down to see all payment options). Please note you will need to choose your pre paid option first prior to being able to book into a class. Make sure you hit the prepaid package button area if this is your first time so you can book a class once you have credit in your account. Pre paid visits will automatically be deducted when booking into your favorite classes. Please ensure you are aware of the cancellation terms. You have up to 8 hours prior to cancel/change your booking online and receive a credit or full refund should you wish to alter your class times.  **Please check timetable prior to attending classes in case of class cancels if intending to ‘drop in’.

If you are looking to join us for training, special events/courses/classes you will find all these options in the tab categories in pre paid options. Once you have signed up, pre paid for your desired visit pass all you need do is log in with your password LOG IN and choose which course/event you wish to attend.

DONT WANT TO PRE BOOK or PRE PAY? We allow a few drop in spots per class so if you prefer not to book ahead that’s fine, you can show up on the day. We cant guarantee a place but we will offer you a place is one is available or if there is a no show. You an pay cash in studio or card. If you are new to Synergy then please fill in the registration form prior to attending the class
When purchasing gift vouchers click on the above link and this will allow you to choose from 4 gift card values in drop down menu.

Payment options: Online (credit card, direct debit, debit card) and cash/card in studio). NOTE *Please note we reserve to right to cancel classes that have less than 3 people booked. You will receive a full credit and a text message/email with the advice that the class has been cancelled up to 7 hours prior.

One on One Sessions & Postural Assessments

  • To book One on One sessions with Monique please email Monique directly or contact her via phone to arrange a suitable time and date. Please note that hours available are Monday – Friday between 8:00 and 5:00pm (dependant on Monique’s teaching schedule) Email Monique

Terms and Conditions & Cancellations

If studio is unattended by a staff member please take a seat in the waiting area

  1. New clients must fill in Synergy Confidential form and give to staff member, any injuries and or concerns to be discussed with teacher(s) PLEASE NOTE TEACHERS ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO DIAGNOSE OR PROVIDE MEDICAL FEEDBACK, WE MAY INSTEAD BE GUIDED BY YOUR MEDICAL SPECIALISTS TO PROVIDE MODIFICATIONS.
  2. On arrival please sign in and show your card to a staff member on arrival/if you are on 10/20 session pass please ask staff member to tick off for you
  3. If you wish attend regular classes at synergy please ensure you book your classes online, Synergy is not responsible for student online bookings – to ensure you have a space please book in advance to avoid disappointment/please text ahead/ email /or cancel your online booking if you cannot attend so that someone else may take your place. Online bookings are simple to do and you can make re-occuring booking for your choice of classes for weeks in advance. If you have any difficulties please ensure you contact Monique and she will walk you through online bookings and or answer any queries you may have Anytime. Please refer to the BOOK NOW tab for instructions on how to book in.
  4. If you are waitlisted online you will be advised via text or email if you have a spot for the class that evening (this is why it is imperative that you cancel your place if you cannot attend so others may take your place and that the studio runs smoothly- we are a small studio so spaces are limited. PLEASE NOTE CANCELLATION FEE’S are 8 hour prior, change or move your time slot).
  5. If you do not advise that you cannot attend we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of the session,  the cost of a casual class will be deducted if no effort has been made to cancel. Cancellations within the 8 hour time frame will be absorbed by the studio as attendance (unless dire circumstances of course we understand that if emergency it is not possible). Please try to cancel prior to 8 hours as noted on your booking and in the terms /cancel online/change the booking online
  6. If you are waitlisted you will only receive a text or email if you have been cleared off the waitlist (you will not hear from us if a place has not become available)
  7. We appreciate any feedback you may have with regards to classes feel free to fill in our feedback forms if you wish to remain anonymous

We endeavour to keep you safe, happy and healthy at Synergy. We endeavour to ensure high standards at all times. Please help us to continue to create a wonderful space for you to practice in. Please take care to look after yourself in your practice, treat yourself and your body with much Metta (love and kindness) and mindfulness.


STUDIO RESIDENTIAL PARKING – please ensure you come and go quietly this is a residential studio. Please ensure you park within the designated parking spaces in the street, do not block in access to driveways/garages/homes and ensure there is ample space for residents to park and access their property. DO NOT park up or over kerbs and ensure you observe normal parking conditions and rules. Failure to do so may result in a fine from local council. Synergy is not responsible for parking fines.

We endeavour to keep you safe, happy and healthy at Synergy. We endeavour to ensure high standards at all times. Please help us to continue to create a wonderful space for you to practice in.  Please take care to look after yourself in your practice, treat yourself and your body with much Metta (love and kindness) and mindfulness


Payments can be paid on line with your credit card. If you do not wish to pay online you will need to arrange for payment in studio with card or cash. Please note the system will not allow you to book a class unless you have paid in advance. This will mean you will need to arrive as a drop in and pay on arrival. We cannot guarantee a mat if you are dropping in, however we will do our best to get you in if the studio space allows for it. 

Passes are non refundable, must be paid in full prior to attending classes and will be deducted each time you book into a class with Bookeo. If you  need to cancel a class please ensure you cancel at least 8 hours prior to the class start otherwise the system will assume you are attending. You can change your booking to another time if you can no longer attend the original class.

Participants are able to suspend unlimited weekly passes if going on holidays (up to 2 weeks suspension allowed). All other passes must be used in times indicated. 10 x session passes are given 10 weeks to complete, 20 sessions are given 12 weeks to complete from the time of activation.

We offer drop in classes and casual classes at $15.00 per class. If you are a visitor or have another membership this may be a good option

When visiting us at Synergy  to ensure you choose the best option that suits you, discuss options further with an instructor, we will be more than happy to help!