Yoga – Workshops:  A Heart Warming Mini Retreat – Watch this space for 2019 dates

This is your opportunity to immerse and marinade in some sweetness for your very good self. A luxurious 2 hour mini retreat where we will lay aside our to do list and come to the mat with open hearts and mind. Allowing this time and space to pause, breath, expand and embrace wholeness and newness.

Re-juvenate and Re-energise

Re-juvenate your body and mind with sounds, smells, sensations that will help you slip into ‘rest and digest’ mode. A time to check in and tune in to your body and to breath, heal and feel. We will begin with a soothing meditation, then slip into our Yin-Sides and explore area’s of the body that we may have vacated.

The Practice

This is a summer practice so the invitation is to balance summers outward fiery energy and take an inward glance during this solstice. Great time to prepare for the upcoming busy months. Fire element in traditional Chinese Medicine invokes a gentle practice where we focus on the heart and large intestine meridians (energetic channels). An invitation to slow down, surrender and give ourselves fully to Body, Mind and Spirit. Join us after class for a cup of delicious herbal tea and yummy healthy nibbles – Sangha means Community in Sanskrit, we join together as community to connect.

Your teacher is Monique Leverington, owner of Studio Synergy Yoga and Pilates. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to settle in. Metta.