Virtual Classes – Dear Valued Students and Colleagues

Well if I was resistant to the idea of virtual classes in the past. I have had to very quickly learn to adapt during these strange times. As I sit here and type this from my motor home in Spain during strange and uncertain times, acknowledging that change is coming and hopefully preparing as best as we can for it. My family and I have now been travelling the EU for the past year and have had the most wonderful time and sense of gratitude of freedom we have until now been afforded. Setting off last June 2019 we landed in UK and purchased our very own motor home. A bold move to close down the studio after 9 years but also ready to embrace this new world and our sabbatical. Excited and curious.

Along the way the Corona Virus begun to raise its ugly head and to be honest none of us took it too seriously as it ‘wasnt happening to us’, grateful to be away from this virus and still carrying on our merry way. Things for us and I’m sure you have changed drastically since February. We had driven across borders from Italy to France and then onward’s to Spain so that I could participate in another Mindfulness Teacher training with my teacher at Mindful Academy – Solterreno.

Whilst myself and my family were here in the mountains of Spain it soon became evident that the virus had spread very quickly across the EU. Within 24 hours the Spanish government had announced lock down of borders. So here we are. In Spain, in our van and luckily we have been able to stay parked at the retreat centre.

Our response to COVID 19 – virtual classes

So what does that mean for us here in Europe. Most of us that means staying in isolation. Not being able to travel anywhere unless permission to go to work, supermarket, pharmacy, Dr or hospital. I assuming that these measures will soon follow back home in Australia. Many of you are already self isolating.

So,  in response to self isolation I have decided when and where I can, I will offer free youtube online classes from where I am here in the Spanish Mountains in lock down. These are a blend of yoga, meditation and mindful movement classes. Unfortunately, we only have very limited wifi and data as we are using our phones to upload. Hopefully I am able to upload one each week. I do hope you find these useful.

Teacher Training

We now are offering online options to study the 300 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. The next course begins May 2020. And, in person next January 26th till February 6th 2021  in Adelaide at the Botanic Gardens Noel Lothian Hall is also open for registration. Please click here to find out more about these classes.

Other ways to move and meditate online

As we are all adapting to these unprecedented times, I would like to acknowledge all the amazing opportunities we now do have to help us deal with our time in lock down or self isolation. This is a time for us as communities and societies to band together more so than ever. We can see how powerful we are in doing so. I such a short time in Italy the waterways in Venice have become clear, dolphins are now swimming through the canals. With only 2 weeks in lock down the earth begins to heal. Yes the fall out from this will be magnificent but we can also see that there will be many positives from this time ‘out’.

Being at home means you may spend time with your loved ones, read books, cook, eat well, move your body in the comfort of your own home, catch up on rest and yes communicate with friends and family via facebook, skype, zoom and other virtual platforms. Make meditation a part of your daily schedule. If you have not had time before now is the time!

Check out these amazing apps for mindfulness and meditation, movement and inspiration. There are many more online apps and wellness channels. And, many more will eventuate and transform as we journey together as a global community during these times. I can recommend the following and also offer meditations at Wellness Coach and Insight Timer.

Wellness Coach –

Insight Timer

Gaia Yoga

Glo yoga

Last week whilst we still had the freedom to move around I was completing my training on this beautiful mountain at Solterreno retreat centre. This phrase came at a time where we were all dealing with the possibility of the lose of freedom for a spell of time (who knows how long).

“Keep calmly knowing change”. And, so there it is. Change is upon us, and change is moment by moment. We cannot know the future, but we can have choice in how we respond and deal with these changes that are happening now with certainty that we are all in this together and united. Wishing you all metta and love, safety, health and wellness xx
















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