Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Adelaide 2018. Join International Teacher Trainer MEL MCLAUGHLIN from the The Yin Space for a deeper look into your Yin Sides. Open to any graduate of Yin Yoga (who has completed a Yin Yoga certificate min 30 hours)

Sunday 2nd Dec 7:30AM – 8:30 PM  Includes 2 Hour Masterclass


Topics include :

  • Morning Qi Qong and Yin Yoga
  • Meridian sequencing and Meditations
  • Yin Pranayama
  • 2 Extra Meridians and the Great Channel
  • Trauma, Pain and Emotional Release discussion
  • Finishing with a blissful 2 hour Masterclass


  •  $240 for any graduate of any yin training
  • $180 for any returning Yinspace graduate (simply send a photo of your certificate to Monique upon registration)
  • $40 pre-book masterclass only $45 on the door

 To book click on the button below, get your sign in/log in sorted and go to the Special Events Button in the Booking template. You will find the booking options listed above.

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