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  • Oct 2021 –  Teaching Trauma Sensitive Mindful Movement – 3 x 3 hr master classes with Monique Leverington
  • 100% ONLINE Vinyasa 300 YTT, 150 Post Graduate YTT and 90 hrs Foundations Taster YTT with Heather Agnew from Yoga Trinity 
  • 5th- 9th February 2022 –  50 hrs Yin Yoga teacher training with Melanie Mclaughin from the Yin Space

Each year we host a number of yoga teacher training options that are accredited nationally and internationally from teachers who travel far and wide to Adelaide. Whether you are from Adelaide or beyond, we welcome you to visit our beautiful city and immerse in world class teacher training with teachers from around the globe! AND now we have adapted out YTT so that we can still do our training online during these unprecedented times of current situation. We are offering the following training’s online and in person.

Below you will find all the details for the upcoming 2021 Internationally accredited Yoga Teacher Training we have on offer both online and in person.

  • 15 hour Teaching Trauma Sensitive Mindful Movement with Monique from Synergy Yoga and Pilates click here
  • 300 Hr – Yoga Trinity Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training – Heather Agnew (currently offered online and in person, see below for dates and details)
  • 2 Day Taster Foundation Course with Yoga Trinity – Heather Agnew (currently offered online and in person see below)
  • 150 Hr Post Graduate Course with Yoga Trinity – Heather Agnew (currently offered online and in person see below)
  • 50 Urban Yin Course with click here – Melanie McLaughlin (in person)

Teaching Trauma Sensitive Mindful Movement (TT) 


TEACHING TRAUMA SENSITIVE MINDFUL MOVEMENT training for teachers/facilitators
Our courses and international teacher training’s are facilitated by world class, highly skilled and experienced national and international teachers and educators. See our latest offerings below or visit our home page for all the latest yoga teacher training,  courses and events. 
Training for conscious teachers who wish to learn how to provide supportive, stable and accessible trauma informed movement/mindfulness session.
Course Dates: OCTOBER
Timeframes: 3 x 3.5 hour sessions
Where: Anywhere in the world (online via zoom)
COST: $290 AUD

Starts Wednesdays 3.5 hours – 6th, 13th, 20th (GMT +1) 8:30am – midday

UK GMT +1) 8:30 am till midday – UK/IRELAND/SCOTLAND/PORTUGAL  – EUROPEAN CENTRAL TIME CET (GMT +2) 9:30 – 1:00pm


NSW/VIC/ – 6:30 – 10:00pm       SA/NT 6:00 – 9:30 pm   WA/ASIA 3:30 – 7:00pm QLD 5:30 – 9:00pm

Check timezone here

Location: – Zoom Live Class rooms
Please email Monique for registration details Click here
or click here to enrol 
Inclusive of:
✔Manual x 1
✔7 x Mindful Movement Practices (video’s)
✔Lecturers/workshops (10.5 hours) live
✔Ongoing support and mentoring (total 15 hrs CEC’s)
🧘‍♀️This course is for:
✅Mindfulness teachers
✅Yoga and movement teachers
✅School teachers
✅Therapists and Allied health care workers
or who have completed one of the following:
👉MBSR 8 week course
👉Yoga teachers (minimum of 200 hrs qualification)
👉Accredited mindfulness teachers 👉(MBCT, EFT, MSC, etc, school teachers)
PATHWAYS – 8 week MBSR course, MBSR TTR1 and TTR2 teacher training courses.
An extensive manual is also included as well as 3 x 3.5hr sessions and pre- recorded mindful movement practices.

This YACEP accredited course with Yoga Alliance USA is for accredited yoga teachers/mindfulness teachers who wish to invite attention, awareness, mindfulness cues, language into their classes. Creating a mindful movement practice that is ‘functional’ and is ‘trauma sensitive” supporting students as best as possible during their practice.

Click here for more details

Announcing Yoga Trinity – Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – 300 hrs, Post Graduate Training and Foundations Teacher Training

Since 2006 Yoga Trinity has completed over 35 successful Yoga Teacher Training programs and continues to support over 1,000 yoga teachers in their ongoing study, practice, and teaching.

Our program continues to evolve and grow, and in 2018 we upgraded our syllabus to include more hours of study, more Online Study, more resources and material, and more flexible study options.   We look forward to continuing to share a comprehensive and inspiring program in both part-time and full-time intensives with yogis of all ages and backgrounds. I hope you will join us!

The Trinity Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 program is designed to immerse you in your yoga practice and maximize your opportunity for growth, wellbeing, education, and support as you embark on the journey to become a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Adapted Online Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

During this time of Covid-19 and social distancing, our national and international membership bodies Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance have approved online/adapted trainings so that you can study from home and still become a Registered Yoga Teacher.

300-Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Due to the new social distancing guidelines, our upcoming Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training programs have been adapted to online delivery. We have done our utmost to make this as comprehensive, connected, and creative a learning experience as you would have if we were face to face.

Adapted Online Teacher Training includes:

  • Self-Paced Online Study you can begin anytime
  • 12 Zoom live video workshops so we can see and hear each other in real time
  • Recorded Zoom sessions if you miss a workshop, or want to go back and review
  • Bonus workshop on Yoga Business
  • 6 private mentoring sessions
  • audio lectures that you can take with you to listen anywhere
  • practical assignments that you can work on alone, with friends or family, or with a ‘study buddy’ from the course and/or with a past graduate of the program.
  • Weekly Zoom yoga classes just for teacher trainees, begin upon registration
  • and, the added bonus of learning to teach yoga online (which looks to be a strong trend for the future!)

Dates: Click on links for 2021


  • Early Bird $3,600 (APRIL 1st)
  • Concession $3,200 (concession card holders, or anyone who has lost work during the shutdown)
  • Full: $4,000

Payment Plans Available (Deposit + 8 fortnightly payments)

Registered Yoga Australia (300-hours), Yoga Alliance (RYT-200), Fitness Australia 15 CECs

Not sure if this training is for you?  Join us for a 2-day Vinyasa Flow Foundations ‘Taster’ to have an introduction to the yoga teacher training experience

Learn more about Yoga Teacher Training

Learn more about the Facilitator Heather Agnew

Learn more about Studying With Yoga Trinity


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Registered Yoga Australia (300-hours), Yoga Alliance (RYT-200), Fitness Australia 15 CECs


Vinyasa Flow Yoga Training 4

Vinyasa Flow Continuing Education for Yoga Instructors

Adapted Online Training 2021

This 150-hour continuing education program is designed for yoga teachers from any background, style or lineage who wish to study, practice, and learn to teach Vinyasa Flow. The course includes a 6-day intensive, plus self-paced Online Study available upon registration, which you can study at your own pace, in your own time. You will be provided with all the resources, materials, and support you need as you explore the foundations of theory and practice, enhance your own personal practice, and develop the skills and techniques essential to teaching a safe, effective, and inspiring Vinyasa Flow class.

What is Vinyasa Flow?

Vinyasa is a ‘progressive flow’, and this program offers an opportunity to progressively develop a yoga practice that offers the benefits of strength, flexibility and balance in an environment of present-moment-focus that will enhance body awareness, posture, mental clarity, and breathwork.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is grounded in the philosophy and practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, with techniques modified to be more accessible and beneficial for the modern practitioner. This training explores both the rich teachings of the traditional philosophies of yoga and modern movement principles in practice. This course is an ideal continuing education program for those wishing to deepen their personal practice and learn to teach Vinyasa Flow.

6-Day Immersion Program Overview:

Module 1, 6-Days, 51 hours of face-to-face or adapted online training

  • Vinyasa Flow Guided Practice
  • Discussions and workshops include: Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Teaching Skills, Making Yoga Accessible
  • Movement Labs and Practicum include: Pose by Pose study of the full Vinyasa Flow sequence, Yoga Pose Labs on modifications, variations, regression and progressions
  • Practice teaching each pose, and each pose flow

Module 2, Online Study, 99 hours of self-paced learning

  • Personal Practice Log, 15 hours
  • Yoga Philosophy in Daily Life Online Study, 25 hours
  • Reading & Writing Assignment – Yoga Sutras, 5 hours
  • Research and Writing Assignment – Benefits of Yoga, 5 hours
  • Ayurveda Basics Online Study, 4 hours
  • Mind Body Meditation Online Study, 10 hours
  • Asana Study Assignment, 20 hours
  • Practice Teaching, 10 hours
  • Private Mentoring, 4.5 hours
  • Plus, participation in ongoing teacher’s forums on philosophy, anatomy, and teaching skills

Assessment & Completion

  • Written assessment, completed online

Aims and Outcomes

It is our aim that when you complete this program you will be able to clearly demonstrate each technique, guide the participant safely through a balanced sequence of postures, and instruct simple breathing exercises. As well, we encourage each Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher in demonstrating the philosophies and ethics of yoga in their practice, personal and professional interactions.

See Upcoming Events for upcoming Continuing Education Training programs

Learn More about the full Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Learn More about the facilitator Heather Agnew

Learn More about studying with Yoga Trinity


Vinyasa Flow Yoga Brisbane 1

Vinyasa Flow Foundations – Yoga Teacher Training Taster

This 2-day module of our Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training is offered as a stand-alone program for students wishing to have a ‘taste’ of Vinyasa Flow and the teacher training journey.  Open to anyone interested in deepening their yoga studies and practice, or yoga teachers from other styles wishing to begin to explore Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

This 2-day, 42 hour module of study includes:

Face-to-Face or Adapted Online Study:

  • Guided Practice: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class
  • Discussions: Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Philosophy,  5 Core Concepts, Branches and Limbs of Yoga
  • Pose by Pose Study: Warm Ups, Sun Salutations, and Standing Poses
  • Practice Teaching: Partner teaching practice

Self-Paced Online Study

  • 10-week Yoga Philosophy Foundations Online Journalling Study

Cost: $500

Should you ever wish to continue on in your Yoga Teacher Training journey, you can build on the foundation of what you have learned during this course.  If you wish to continue on with Yoga Trinity Yoga Teacher Training, you can join the full 300-hour program at any time, and subtract the cost of this Foundations module from your full YTT course.

Upcoming Foundations Courses


Hear from our Graduates on teacher training, and the journey from student to teacher


50 hr Yin Teacher Training dates 5th-9th February 2022

(in person – face to face)

International Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer Mel Mclaughlin from the Yin space will be leading us for this immersion into all things Yin.

What’s on offer urban training style?

Join us 5th- 9th February 2022 for 5 days teacher training urban-style with Melanie McLaughlin for her inspiring 50 hour Yin Teacher Training program. We will slip off the radar for a 5 days of yin “chill-pill”. Exploring our ‘Yin-sides’ of deep immersion into the other side of the yoga coin. We are keeping it small and intimate and you will be fully versed in the art of teaching yin when you are finished. So we answer all the “whys” and practice twice to bookend the day and layer the intellectual information with somatic experience.

To find out more about this training click here

To register a place please contact us via  EMAIL