28 th October 2018

 Establishing the connection between Body and Mind-Yoga Workshops

GLOW WITH THE FLOW – Sunday 28th of OCTOBER 9:00-11:00 – Monique Leverington $25

During this 2 hour session we will find our breath, body on the mat. Moving together as one, to soulful and uplifting tunes that will make your heart sing.

The first half of the practice being YANG FLOW will allow us to move from breath to pose. Connecting our body to mind and mind back down to body as we check in and find our groove. The intention is coming back to body and breath (feeling the lifeforce within)  less on how we look, more on the feeling tones whilst we cultivate synergy with our inner awareness.

The second half of the session we will move towards stillness in our yin practice. Peeling back our layers of doing and finding a place where we can ‘be’ in the here and now. We will finish with a beautiful expansive and spacious meditation that will allow us to truly re-juvenate, observe and unfold with self-love and compassion.

Places limited to 16

$25.00 please click on link to book