Meet Monique

Hello there, thank you for visiting me here at Synergy Yoga and Pilates. My name is Monique and I am from Australia. I first discovered the wonders of movement when I was a small child of 4. I loved to dance and move my body through gymnastics and callesthenics. High impact exercise never felt good in my body. After many years of attending the gym, I realised that I needed to get back to moving functionally. So I decided to join a yoga class and then pilates class at the gym. I was instantly impressed by not only how the movement made me feel physically but also noticed how it provided me with a sense of calm and ease after class. I felt good!

A couple of years later after regular attendance 3-4 times per week I decided that this form of movement was something I wanted to learn more about and share with others. So my journey began back in 2010, studying both yoga and pilates. I have never looked back and to this day and so appreciative of my teachers, being part of this wonderful community and of the people that I have met as a result of this life changing career and lifestyle.

In 2012, I opened the doors to my own yoga and pilates studio. Wow this was such as challenge as I had never owned my own business, nor had I any idea if anyone would come to classes. Yet they did! And they continued to grow and develop. After 3 years I had 7 teachers plus myself working at the studio and 18 classes per week. What a joy and pleasure. As the business grew, so did my passion for education and learning. I decided to reach out to international and national teachers and invited them to Adelaide to share their knowledge and wisdom with our yoga and wellness community. And so 8 years on, I have very much enjoyed hosting inspirational teachers from around the globe. Grateful to them to travel to Adelaide to educate our teachers so that they may pass on their knowledge to our community.

  • Jo Phee from Yinspiration Singapore
  • Leslie Kaminoff – Yoga Anatomy and Author – USA
  • Bryan Kest – Power Yoga USA
  • Trina Altman – USA
  • Heather Agnew – Canada Yoga Trinity
  • Melanie Mclaughlin – The yin space – Synergy NSW
  • Lee Heron – Synergia WA
  • Malcom Huxter – NSW Mindfulness

My dream and vision has been to continue to educate, learn and grow with the community, focusing on and ensuring safety and attention to people’s individual health and wellness needs. Synergy Yoga & Pilates places importance on INDIVIDUAL HEALTH NEEDS and well being for all bodies and all ages.

SYNERGY YOGA & PILATES is a way of life connecting MIND BODY HEALTH, Education, Retreats, Workshops and Wellness.  Specialising in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Ayurveda, One on One personal training, Corporate Yoga/Pilates and Wellbeing programs and have offered Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and coaching since 2012.

Monique teaches a range of movement classes for community as well as private classes, assisting in rehabilitation and recovery. She also teaches regularly  online as an International Mindfulness Teacher at Insight Timer and at Wellness Coach Meditation.Live

Monique Leverington – Founder & Director of Synergy Yoga & Pilates, International and National Teacher Training host

Training and Education

Founder and Director Monique Leverington is qualified and certified by Yoga Alliance International (Australia) 500 ERYT and Yoga Australia Level 2 in Yoga and Pilates.  Monique has  to date completed 1460 hours of  teacher training since 2011. Completed teacher training courses in 400 Hour Yoga  & Pilates Teacher Training, 200 hr MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction),  285 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Vinyasa Flow Immersion Training, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and Consultation with Yoga Trinity,  Rainbow Kids Yoga and Family yoga teacher training, Pre/Post natal yoga training with Bliss Babies.

Monique has also trained with and dedicates her joy of yoga to her incredible teachers: Leslie Kaminoff  (NYC) (author of Yoga Anatomy), Mel McLaughlin (The Yin Space) Maty Ezraty formally from Yoga Works (NYC), Jo Phee from Yinspiration, Sarah Powers from Insight Yoga (NYC), Heather Agnew from Yoga Trinity (AUS), Malcom Huxter (Clinical psychologist and Buddhist Meditation teacher), Bodhin (Phillip) Woodward from Mindfulness Academy Spain.

MBSR Teacher and Trainer

Monique is qualified as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher from the Mindful Academy of Spain (Solterreno) in TRR1 and TTR2 completing 200 hours  Monique is one of the few qualified and internationally endorsed teachers  in Adelaide to be able to facilitate the course developed originally by Jon Kabat Zinn and his team – The 8 week MBSR training that is now facilitated worldwide and is keeping in line with Gold Standards of University of Massachusetts and Medicine (UMASS), Bangor University (UK). This course is offered in many settings worldwide, including medical, psychological, schools, universities, corporate settings, prisons and other healthcare settings.


Monique’s background and other qualifications include Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences and CBT counselling, Post Graduate Degree in Adult Education and teaching at TAFE SA, Diploma’s in Youth Work, Addictions, Mental Health, Community Services and Welfare and Workplace Teacher Training and Assessment.
Monique has worked in the Community Services Industry for many years in Adelaide and was also employed as a Lecturer at TAFE SA in Community Health and Welfare Services. Having practiced Yoga/Pilates for a number of years Monique became inspired to learn and become an instructor as she saw the amazing benefits she gained herself from Yoga/Pilates. Monique facilitates Introductory courses in Mindfulness as well as the MBSR 8 week program. Mindfulness has been researched and proven to be an effective tool for dealing with trauma, stress, anxiety and depression.

Events and hosting

Monique is continually inspired by her students and her teachers and has loved the way yoga makes her feel both physically and mentally. A passion for sharing this holistic and ancient philosophy and practice with others so that they may also discover the same benefits offered by daily movement and mindfulness. Monique credits her Yoga and Pilates practice to feeling fit, strong and balanced (body and mind). Monique therefore loves to host continuing education opportunities in Adelaide. Hosting International and National Yoga and Mindfulness teachers each year since 2013. Teachers and guests include:

  • Bryan Kest – Power yoga
  • Leslie Kaminoff – Yoga Anatomy – Author and International Yoga Teacher and Educator
  • Trina Altman – Author and founder of Yoga Deconstructed and Pilates Deconstructed
  • Jo Phee – International Yin Yoga Teacher and Assistant to Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers – Yinspiration
  • Heather Agnew – International  Vinyasa Yoga Teacher  – Yoga Trinity
  • Melanie McLaughlin – International Yoga Teacher Yin Yoga  – The Yin Space

International Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher 

Monique also has the pleasure of teaching for the new and exciting APP – Meditation.Live  and also on the popular Insight Timer as an International Mindfulness and Meditation teacher. Teaching live zoom rooms as well as audio and on demand meditations that are available for anyone to join worldwide.

Monique also provides ongoing and further education for yoga and mindfulness teachers  “Teaching Mindful Movement” Master classes as well as facilitating the popular 8 week MBSR program as endorsed by Jon Kabat Zinn.