Testimonies from Students and Teachers

Teacher Training Feedback and testimonies

Learning more about how trauma affects our nervous system, behaviours and connective tissues And interoception and proprioception even though I have learnt these concepts before myself, I feel they are very important for the content of the course….Megan….
It exceeded my expectations…. Charlotte…
A good mix of both intellectual information and somatic experience of what we were discussing, I loved the lectures and I loved the practices and also the opportunity through the you tubes links to practice in my own time….Melanie Mclaughin – The Yin Space
The course was wonderful and delivered more than expected……Sarah…
You are really authentic and passionate about the subject wanted to give us as much as you could. I really enjoyed it and it was very well presented….Karen….



There is so much to love about Synergy .. The beautiful energy as soon as you arrive , the sense of community and friendship amongst those going to classes, the beautiful music and ambiance in the room , the selection of classes that suit so many and of course the most important ingredient …the professional, insightful, experienced and beautiful spirited teaches. I have learnt so much and found a place I love to go and nurture my body and soul . Thank you Monique and the other fabulous teachers.


Monique and all the instructors at Synergy are all so friendly, warm and willing to adapt to specific needs. The studio is a little haven away from everyday life. I have also had the pleasure of going on Retreat with Synergy and this was the most incredible experience!


Beautiful space and atmosphere, great variety of classes. Have been visiting SYP for many years, Monique and all the teachers are amazingly warm and welcoming!


Just ask anyone who knows me how much I love this place


Such a beautiful, calming, friendly and welcoming studio. I have tried every one of the classes and love them all, all of the teachers are wonderful too. I couldn’t recommend this place enough


I am a yoga teacher in Townsville and traveled down for Yoga teacher trainings with the Synergy Yoga and Pilates studio. Monique generous hospitality was outstanding. A comprehensive list of accommodation as well as things to do in Adelaide and transport from the airport to where we were training was so well organised. I will be back next year for Jo Phee’s Yin training and I will be bringing fellow teachers with me! See you all soon!


I have attended three training courses with Synergy and not only the teachers are awesome, the venue and organisation of the training is second to none. Monique is also very accommodating and has great passion for Yoga and further Yoga studies. A true modern day yogi..highly recommended to any Yoga teachers to pick up one of the many trainings organised by Synergy. Hari Om

Love this studio and the beautiful & welcoming vibes of Monique and her teachers. A supporting group of yoga teachers who make you feel very welcome and warm  I have attended 2 training courses by Monique and plan to attend many more! Very supportive and helpful  Great vibes xxx
This place is amazing! Fantastic for all levels of Yoga. It’s a lovely small studio with a calm, welcoming environment. Monique and the team do an amazing job! For anyone interested in trying yoga/Pilates for the first time or for those looking for a change I highly recommend!

Testimonies from International Yoga Teachers that have been hosted by Monique and Synergy

Melanie Mclaughin from the Yin Space – Teacher
“SUPER HOST, I cant believe how smooth this was this year after your fine tuning and all your diligent prep – so grateful for YOU and love this growing Adelaide The Yinspace Community that started with your invitation”

Jo Phee from Jo Phee Yin Yoga – Yinspiration  – Teacher
“Synergy Yoga Pilates has been an excellent host to all my teacher trainings in Adelaide. They take care of all the promotions and registrations, on-site administrative and logistical support. Monique has been incredibly organised and attentive to student’s needs. So taking very good care of me each time I’m there. Adelaide is a beautiful city to visit and explore. I always look forward to return.

Heather Agnew – Yoga Trinity  –  Teacher

“Synergy Yoga & Pilates has been hosting Yoga Trinity for the past 8 years as we share yoga teacher training programs in Adelaide and I would highly recommend Synergy as a place to practice, study, and teach yoga. Because, we have shared 7 successful programs with Synergy during the past three years, with 2 more training’s upcoming in 2019/2020.
So I can certainly credit the success of these programs to the efforts of Monique and her team. Monique has been a tremendous support throughout the hosting experience. Offering professional, organized, and creative hosting. Including support, such as great pre-course marketing and administration. Being available onsite during courses to assist, and offering invaluable post-course guidance, care and community for graduates. Synergy feels very much like a family, and it’s an honor to be a part of this dynamic, compassionate, and evolving yoga family in Adelaide.”