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Wellness Coaching



1:1 Wellness Coaching with Monique

Wellness Coaching with Monique, Monique will assess your individual and unique wellness needs. (and can also be designed for your employees). Schedule a live zoom session to discuss your goals, intentions, hopes and dreams. Together, we will decide on a wellness plan that is a balance of movement and mindfulness for optimum transformation and healing. A wellness plan takes into consideration your mental, physical, spiritual, financial, professional, intellectual, personal and environmental health.

When creating a plan it is good to determine what your goals are and what changes you might like to see in order to achieve balance in your everyday life. As the old saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. Monique lives by this quote and believes with persistance and awareness, commitment and compassion achieve ongoing success and transformation through education and motivation. Once you are see results its easy to keep on track.

Plans will include some of the following:

  • Improve your physical, physiological health and fitness
  • Gain mental clarity and focus
  • Change old habitual thinking and behaviours that weigh you down
  • Recognise emotions and where they are felt in the body
  • Work towards creating change by creating new thought processes and habits (neurosciences and mindfulness practices)
  • Consider what you need to support your mental health on a daily basis
  • A fitness plan that is achievable and enjoyable – a variety of movement sessions that are functional and appropriate for your unique needs that include stretch, strength, mobility, high impact and relaxation.
  • Stress reduction
  • Trauma Sensitive and Trauma Informed practices

One on One – 90 Wellness Coaching – Conquering Stress  (designed for individual needs)

  • Package includes 1:1 live zoom session, 90 minutes of guided movement and coaching, led meditation and optimal health wellness coaching
  • COST: $80 per session or pack of 5 x sessions $325

For more details about Monique and what’s on offer click here 

Monique has worked with community and individuals for over 20 years in the health and wellness industry. Specialising in yoga/pilates/mindfulness and trauma sensitive movement Monique is happy to work with you towards your ultimate health and wellness goals.

For an no obligation chat please email Monique at to discuss your wellness needs or that of your employee’s.



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