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Teaching  Trauma Sensitive Mindful Movement practices that are functional, safe, supportive and trauma sensitive – (Master class x 3hrs = 12 hours in total with pre recorded classes you can also access)

This course is a collaboration between Synergy Yoga and Pilates and Mindful Academy Solterreno

Where: Anywhere in the world (online via zoom)

Timeframes: 3 x 3 hour sessions 

Cost:  $270 AUD/170Euro/155 pounds/200 USD

Includes Manual and 6 x Mindful Movement Practices

Course Dates: Saturday’s x 3 x 3 hrs September 26nd,  Oct 3th and 10th from 7:30 am CET (EU) time/ AEST 3:30 pm Sydney time/ 6:30am  GMT (UK) time 

Location: Zoom

Who can attend?

Those who wish to further their skills in teaching mindful movement sessions online and or in person to their community and meet one of the following criteria:

Competed one of the following:

  • TTR2
  • TTR3
  • Yoga teachers (minimum of 200 hrs qualification)
  • Accredited mindfulness teachers (MBCT, EFT, MSC, etc, school teachers)
  • PATHWAYS – 8 week MBSR course, MBSR TTR1 and TTR2 teacher training courses.
  • An extensive manual is also included as well as 3 x 3hr sessions and pre- recorded mindful movement practices

This YACEP accredited course with Yoga Alliance USA is for accredited yoga teachers/mindfulness teachers who wish to invite attention, awareness, mindfulness cues, language into their classes. Creating a mindful movement practice that is ‘functional’ and is ‘trauma sensitive” supporting students as best as possible during their practice.

Humans come in all shapes and sizes, with all types of injuries, pains, aches, challenges and skeletal, tensegrity (the relationship between the connective tissues, the muscles and the skeleton variation.

Humans also come with emotional and behavioral differences, they have varying values, opinions, attitudes and life experiences. As mindful movement teachers, becoming aware and awake to the differences means to recognise that all participants are infinitely unique.

Jon Kabat Zinn the founder of MBSR 8 week course asserts, “mindful yoga is a yoga of wholeness that has nothing to do with what your body can or can’t do in any given moment, or with how your posture looks. It has everything to do with the sincerity of your effort, with how awake you are in your life, and how embodied you are in the only moment in which you are ever alive–which is always now.  Mindful yoga is a specific attitude and attentional stance that we bring to our practice, both on the mat and in daily life: namely, a refined moment-to-moment non-judgmental, non-striving attending to the entire range of our experience.

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