Join Monique for Mindfulness Coach for 1:1 one wellness coaching, or in group workshops. These sessions offer a variety of meditations, movement and tuition based workshops via zoom to assist with sleep, stress, anxiety, focus and concentration. Monique is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an accredited meditation teacher and trainer. Qualified in Mindfulness (mindfulness based stress reduction). And, is qualified to offer the world re-known  8 week MBSR course. This is recognized both nationally and internationally and endorsed by Jon Kabat Zinn.

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Monique has completed degree’s in Adult Education and Social/Behavioural Sciences. And, over the past 10 years continued to study and explore Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness practices.  Health and wellness has always been a passion of Monique’s, being curious about the mind and body. And as she found that yoga and meditation had such a profound effect on her own well-being, so she was inspired to learn and study the ancient healing techniques of Mindfulness and Yoga. Monique is a certified MBSR teacher (graduating at the Mindful Academy TTR1, TTR2 and TTR3) and trainer, also teaches and facilitates the TTSMM teacher training Trauma Sensitive Mindful Movement.


Back in 2011, Monique enrolled in her first 200 yoga teacher training course. Since then completing over 1500 hours of professional studies with a variety of inspirational teachers from around the world. Monique attributes her love of yoga, pilates and meditation to her teachers and enjoys sharing these wisdom’s with others worldwide.  Monique founded Studio Synergy Yoga and Pilates in 2012 and so began her journey, teaching and reaching out to members of community and sharing her love of movement and mindfulness.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Realizing the many benefits of yoga and meditation, Monique was curious about meditation techniques that have been found to be supportive and helpful in particular addressing stress and busy lifestyles. Monique also wanted to find a way to balance her busy schedule of running her own business, being a mum and wife and carer to her ailing mum. So in 2015 Monique decided to deeper her own personal practice and attended the 8 week MBSR course that has been widely implemented world wide and researched extensively as a wonderful technique to over come stress and anxiety, and trauma.

MBSR Training – Mindfulness Coach

Soon after completing the 8 week course Monique decided to undertake the MBSR teacher training in Spain at the beautiful retreat centre Solterreno, the Mindful Academy. After 3 years of study Monique is now very pleased and humbled to be able to offer the 8 week course to her community, now having completed TTR1, TTR2 and TTR3 qualifications.

Why Mindfulness?
Monique attributes her health and wellness to her own personal practices of movement and mindfulness and believes that they are a powerful and potent self healing tool. Having suffered and lived through trauma, knowing how it is to live with trauma day to day Monique’s passion project is to provide a caring, supportive and inclusive environment. Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Hypo Thyroidism at 16, living with a compromised immune system has lead to many years of searching for ways to boost her immunity. Monique has found a healthy balance in her diet, lifestyle and movement practices and believes that her practices attribute to her health both emotional and physical to meditation and movement..

Having lead over 4000 hours of yoga/pilates and meditation classes, Monique is excited to invite you to join her  and other world leading instructors at meditation.live and insight timer apps.

What we Offer….

Stress Reduction Programs for Individuals, Groups, Employers and Employees

One on One – 2 hrs x per week – Mindfulness Coaching (MBSR course) 

  • Package includes 8 x 2 hr weekly live zoom sessions one on one. Manual, pre-recorded audio sessions, pre-recorded mindful movement sessions. 1:1 coaching via zoom sessions, all tuition and guidance and additional 1/2 day retreat (join group retreats at a time that suits you).
  • How do our programs enhance wellbeing?  The premise of these programs is to introduce core mindful practices, scientific studies and findings suggest change is possible, that we can change our behaviour and mindset through practice. This is believed to have benefits and outcomes that strengthen self-efficacy, resilience, self-care (through compassion) and self-responsibility. These workshops are practical, effective and supportive. There is NO FLUFF – we get straight to the point and provide REAL life skills that can be applied in day to day life, immersing fully in modern day knowledge, that can have an overall effect on how we move through our lives daily and our health and well-being.
  • COST $860 1:1 coaching
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One on One – 90 Wellness Coaching – Conquering Stress  (designed for individual needs)

  • Package includes 1:1 live zoom session, 90 minutes of guided movement and coaching, led meditation and optimal health wellness coaching
  • COST: $80 per session or pack of 5 x sessions $325

Group sessions – 8 x week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

  • Package includes 8 x 2.5 hour weeks of group sessions via zoom  – you will receive a manual, pre-recorded audio and video sessions in meditation and movement, tuition and workshops Plus a 4 hour weekend retreat offering (via zoom)
  • COST: $460 pp
  • Next 8 week program begins 24th October 2022 (ASIA/PACIFIC TIMES). Email Monique for full program description, times and registration forms.
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Discounts apply for pensioners/benefits and unemployed of 10% discount.


  • Corporate Group Sessions – Introduction to Mindfulness Based Interventions (3 hours) POA
  • Corporate Group Sessions – 7 x Days of Mindfulness Packages – 1 hour per day over 7 days, includes E-book and practical guidance $34.99 per person

To enquire or Register please send an email to Monique synergyyogpilates@gmail.com