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7 Days of Mindfulness – A guide for Self-Healing

Learn and develop valuable life skills to help deal with stressful life events, anxiety and worry, overwhelming thoughts and emotions.  This E-Book will take you on an experiential journey, where you will learn, listen, move, practice and reflect during these 7 days of Mindfulness. A comprehensive and heartfelt guide including 30 pages of inspirational quotes, 7 days of transformational workshops (audio recordings included) as well as 7 days of audio meditations, mindful movement video’s and journaling.

This E-Book is jam packed with useful guidance,  a wonderful offering of sensory exploration.  You can read, hear and feel your way through the next 7 days, tantalising the sensory organs.

This E-Book can be completed by anyone who wishes to explore ways to increase their health, happiness and wellbeing. Consider it as a gift to self, or a mini retreat to do each day in the comfort of your own home, workplace, outdoors, from where you are!

What’s included:

  • 7 days of Mindfulness E-book
  • 7 Dialogues (workshops you can choose to read or listen to these 10 minutes each)
  • 7 Mindfulness Meditations (audio guidance x 20 minutes each)
  • 7 Mindful Movement sessions (30 minutes each)
  • Mindful Journaling and Reflections
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Over 7 hours of accessible recorded sessions via links in the ebook
  • Ongoing mentoring and inspiration via FB group

The author and creator of this E-book Monique Leverington is an international yoga, pilates and mindfulness wellness coach.

“This e-book and course is a culmination of my life’s work and experiences, study and insights with over 23 years of working and studying in many community settings in various roles.

My most recent role of the past 8 years has allowed me as creator of Synergy Yoga and Pilates to share the power of mindfulness and movement with communities far and wide.

I have worked in many varied roles over the past 23 years as Youth Worker and Mental Health Support

Worker, Addictions Counsellor, Lecturer in Adult Education, Teacher of yoga and pilates. A qualified teacher and facilitator of the popular 8 week Mindfulness Course MBSR or otherwise known as Mindfulness Based

Stress Reduction. Endorsed by Jon Kabat Zinn and The University of Massachusetts. I also offer on demand meditation classes at Wellness Coach and Insight Timer.

I am so excited to be able to journey with you for these next 7 days of mindfulness. It is my great pleasure to welcome you and I do hope you enjoy this exploration of self.

With Gratitude and Kindness

Monique Leverington


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