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MICRO MEDITATIONS (7 x Audio pack)


7 days of Mindfulness (Audio Meditations)

Please join me for 7 days of self healing through mindfulness meditation sits. Each meditation is 20 minutes long, you can do these anywhere, anytime. Just find a quiet space for you to relax and enjoy these lovingly guided meditations. There is no limit to this purchase, you can come back to these practices as many times as you like.

I hope you enjoy these offering.

Love and Kindness

Monique Leverington


Micro Meditations  x 7 pack

These micro mindfulness meditations can be done anywhere, anytime you need to stop and pause during the day to re-energise, take a break from the doing mode and rest in awareness. A wonderful way to clear your mind, check in with what is happening physically, attending to any needs you may have. Such as feeling hungry and taking a snack break, feeling stiff and tired, taking a stretch break. Feeling brain fog, taking a computer break.

The more you practice these micro meditations the better you get a strengthening your mind muscle. This can be profoundly helpful to de-stress, reduce anxiety and worry and enhance overall health and well-being for body and mind.

Enjoy 🙂


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