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Join Monique weekly on the mat for a heartfelt mindful movement experience. Monique’s classes are trauma sensitive, inclusive for everybody to join, no matter whether you are a beginner or a well oiled yogi. Each of us are unique and therefore so are our bodies. A blend of qi gong, yin and mindfulness will leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

Monique offers mindful movement yoga classes that cater to everyone. See below for class times and class descriptions. All classes are offered via zoom. Upon purchasing your class you will receive an email with the zoom links. Please ensure you set aside a quiet space for your practice, bring a mat if you have one, cushions, bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets. Don’t worry if you don’t have the fancy yoga props, just make do with cushions and pillows, a towel and blanket.

Mindful Movement – Tuesdays with Monique – 1 hr of moving meditation


Each Tuesday mornings 9:30am UTC +1 (UK TIME) I am based in Portugal which is same time zone as London – click on time conversion link below for your local time.

This joyful class is just the right amount of yin and yang energy, offering invitational cues and movements that allow you to move mindfully with a sense of connection and purpose. Each breath guiding the movement. We begin with yang like flow and slowly and surely settle towards the earth finishing the class with yin like awareness and intentional slowing of the poses. Allowing the body to slowly cool down holding poses for more tensile stretch and finally finishing with a mindful meditation that will leave you feeling calm and peaceful.

Once you have purchased the session via the cart/shop please ensure you check your receipt of purchase email that will have the links for zoom session and times listed. If you do not receive it first check your spam or email me at

Metta and love x

Other ways to move and meditate online

As we are all adapting to these unprecedented times, I would like to acknowledge all the amazing opportunities we now do have to help us deal with our time of . This is a time for us during isolation as societies to band together more so than ever. We can see how powerful we are in doing so. I such a short time in Italy the waterways in Venice have become clear, dolphins are now swimming through the canals. With only 2 weeks in lock down the earth begins to heal. Yes the fall out from this will be magnificent but we can also see that there will be many positives from this time ‘out’.

Being at home means you may spend time with your loved ones, read books, cook, eat well, move your body in the comfort of your own home, catch up on rest and yes communicate with friends and family via facebook, skype, zoom and other virtual platforms. Make meditation a part of your daily schedule. If you have not had time before now is the time!

I also have recorded for your ease and comfort from home 7 days of Mindful Meditations (audio’s x 20 minutes each) and 7 days of Mindful Movement videos (30-40 minutes each). You can purchase these here. Or the entire package as a E-Book which has dialogue recorded and workshops for 7 days, meditations, mindful movement and inspirational quotes and reflections. This is a jam packed E-Book one of its kind for you to fully immerse in during this time.




My Mindfulness teacher shared this quote with us whilst we were in training. “Keep calmly knowing change”. And, so there it is. Change is upon us, and change is moment by moment. We cannot know the future, but we can have choice in how we respond and deal with these changes that are happening now with certainty that we are all in this together and united. Wishing you all metta and love, safety, health and wellness xx


In health and wellness, love and gratitude xx
















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