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Mindful Movement Classes



MINDFUL MOVEMENT CLASSES – Tuesday’s with Monique

Each Tuesday morning 8:30am UTC+1 (same as London time)

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  • This Mindful Movement class is a joyful and playful class is just the right amount of yang/yin energy, offering invitational cues and movements that allow you to move mindfully with a sense of connection and purpose. Each breath guiding the movement.
  • Each week we invite you to move in a way that is right for you and your body and mind. The intention of this class is to invite a sense of curiosity, agency and self-care.
  • This class is for everybody, variations and options are always provided and Monique will encourage you to move in a way that is right for you.
  • A mixture of yang and yin, sometimes classes will be more restorative, yin like and grounding, other times we might move in a more energetic way or it may be combination of both.
  • Depending on the mood, how we are all feeling on the day.
  • There is always a check in time with Monique to ensure that you can advise Monique if there are any changes in your ability or move.
  • This class is a tribute to ‘Coming Home’ to your body. Giving it the time, space and care it needs in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Whilst making new friends to move with from around the globe. A supportive, caring environment that is Trauma Informed.

$10 per class. Upon payment you will receive the zoom link and receipt of payment. The zoom link will invite you to connect into the zoom room. Please aim to arrive atleast 5 minutes prior to start of the class to ensure we can start together on time.


Once you have purchased the session via the cart/shop please ensure you check your receipt of purchase email that will have the links for zoom session and times listed. If you do not receive it first check your spam or email me at

Metta and love x


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